Kettlebell Workout. Adapt the Plan. (Week 3)

Time to weigh in Great job!  Week 2 is completed, now it’s time to check in and see how we’ve done with a weigh in.  Last week I started at 292.2 pounds and a body fat of 36.2%, now I’m down to 290.4 pounds and a reading of 35.8% body fat – so I lostContinue reading “Kettlebell Workout. Adapt the Plan. (Week 3)”

Kettlebell Workout. Keep Going. (Week 2)

Weigh In Whew!  We did it, we completed week 1’s regimented kettlebell and cardio routine.  It’s time to weigh in.  At the start of week 1 I tipped the scales at 294.8 pounds and body fat at 36.8%, now I’ve dropped to 292.2 pounds and 36.2% body fat.  Losing 2.6 pounds is right on trackContinue reading “Kettlebell Workout. Keep Going. (Week 2)”

Pre-workout assessment (Week 0)

We’ve realized we’re out of shape and we are ready to work out.  Where do we start?  Let’s assess our current condition: Body Weight/Body Fat I start with measuring body weight and body fat.  I use a basic scale, but it gives me an idea of body composition.  I simply want to track the progress during myContinue reading “Pre-workout assessment (Week 0)”