Shia Lebeouf Has Blogging Advice for the Upcoming Year

Start Everyone loves your stories and people frequently tell you how creative you are.  You’ve considered blogging but don’t know where to start.  Well, that’s exactly how I felt a year ago and the best advice is to simply jump in.  You can learn to swim as you go.  You will learn tricks of theContinue reading “Shia Lebeouf Has Blogging Advice for the Upcoming Year”



Fury is an effective war movie depicting the atrocities of war and the depth of comradery.  Brad Pitt portrays ‘Wardaddy’ the gritty tank leader battling Nazis in WWII.  His band of men return to camp one man down and receive a fledgling army typist played by Logan Lerman.  A poignant interaction comes when Pitt and LermanContinue reading “Fury”