In The Spotlight

Dream I was going through my day: Having conversations, doing a variety of menial activities, when I found myself in the midst of an enormous crowd.  Suddenly a spotlight shone on me.  Up until this moment I had considered myself another anonymous face in the sea of people.  Somehow I knew that this spotlight hadContinue reading “In The Spotlight”

Why Do Little Orange Kittens Die?

Tears flowed down my five year old daughter’s face as she entered the sliding door.  I asked her what was wrong and she asked for Mommy.  My daughter knew where maximum compassion could be found.  Through bellowing outbursts of sorrow, the tragedy was relayed.  Our tiny orange kitty had died.  A recent litter of kittensContinue reading “Why Do Little Orange Kittens Die?”

Groot: Firmly Rooted

In Guardians of the Galaxy we meet Groot.  He’s the powerful counterbalance to a surly raccoon named Rocket.  Groot is a giant tree-man, capable of fiercely violent force if it will protective his friends.  As cool as his root combat style is, Groot’s claim to fame is his predictable answer to all inquiries: “I amContinue reading “Groot: Firmly Rooted”