Temporary Art, Lasting Impression

It was a beautiful summer day full of barnyard animals, horse rides, food, and face painting.  My boss throws an annual appreciation event for the company and recently it’s been hosted at a party barn. After taming a wild stallion, my daughter (5) and son (3) found the face painter.  A large laminated binder containedContinue reading “Temporary Art, Lasting Impression”

Loving Vincent: Sorrow, Suicide, Sales In That Order

Loving Vincent is artistically brilliant!  Over 100 artists spanning 6 years created the oil painted animation nominated for an Oscar (best animated film in 2018).   The animation provides a vibrant canvas for a terribly bleak narrative of Vincent van Gogh’s life and mysterious death. The Sorrow Vincent’s life began shrouded in heartache when he followedContinue reading “Loving Vincent: Sorrow, Suicide, Sales In That Order”