Cast Your Vote, Then Cast Your Cares on God

It’s Election Day in the United States, but if you’re like me you won’t be electing anybody.  It’s not because I’m unpatriotic, apathetic, or a conscientious objector.  I moved.  Yep, I changed the location of my home and simply didn’t register my new digs fast enough.  This year I’m watching from the sideline.  The truthContinue reading “Cast Your Vote, Then Cast Your Cares on God”

Temporary Art, Lasting Impression

It was a beautiful summer day full of barnyard animals, horse rides, food, and face painting.  My boss throws an annual appreciation event for the company and recently it’s been hosted at a party barn. After taming a wild stallion, my daughter (5) and son (3) found the face painter.  A large laminated binder containedContinue reading “Temporary Art, Lasting Impression”