Plot: The Structure of a Great Short Story

In 1929 the first Academy Awards occurred, Motorola made the first car radio, and Agnes Reeves wrote Twelve Cardinal Elements of Short Story Writing. In an effort to clean out my book collection I discovered said book… collecting dust on my shelf. What surprised me as I skimmed the pages of Twelve Cardinal Elements ofContinue reading “Plot: The Structure of a Great Short Story”


Stranger Things 3: Sheep Defeat Wolf Without Shepherd

If you haven’t binge watched the 80’s nostalgia fest that is Stranger Things 3 by now, you probably don’t really care about the successful Netflix series. I will be divulging spoilers galore as I continue…so stop right now if you haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 and care to. Cozy up on the couch and summonContinue reading “Stranger Things 3: Sheep Defeat Wolf Without Shepherd”

Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate freedom with family and friends. Part of my tradition, like many other Americans, is watching fireworks. Growing up in Minnesota I remember squeezing onto my grandpa’s pontoon boat with my family, then motoring to a nearby resort for the fireworks display. Gazing into the stars,Continue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Pinterest Categorizes Pro-Life Messages with Pornography: Free Speech Too Risky

Recently I received an email from Live Action, a fantastic pro-life website I subscribe to, that informs the public about the atrocities of abortion. This newsletter included a video link that shocked me. A former employee of social media giant, Pinterest, divulged the horrific truth that Live Action and other Christian sites are being systematicallyContinue reading “Pinterest Categorizes Pro-Life Messages with Pornography: Free Speech Too Risky”