Kettlebell workouts (Week 1)

We’ve realized it’s time for a change and assessed ourselves, now we get to work out.  I’m going to start with a focus on kettlebell workouts, mixing cardio in between to break up the lactic acid.  Kettlebell workouts can be done from the convenience of home and it’s relatively inexpensive to buy a kettlebell. IsContinue reading “Kettlebell workouts (Week 1)”


Pre-workout assessment (Week 0)

We’ve realized we’re out of shape and we are ready to work out.  Where do we start?  Let’s assess our current condition: Body Weight/Body Fat I start with measuring body weight and body fat.  I use a basic scale, but it gives me an idea of body composition.  I simply want to track the progress during myContinue reading “Pre-workout assessment (Week 0)”

How did I get out of shape (again)?

Recently I’ve been confronted with the harsh reality that I am much heavier than I want to be.  Sure, I stopped regularly working out and I wasn’t on a strict diet, but I certainly wasn’t a total hog…was I?  The warning signs were everywhere, but I was in denial. 3 Forms of Denial Photo FlinchContinue reading “How did I get out of shape (again)?”