Can Tony Stark Make Guns and Love His Neighbor?

Iron Man successfully launches (Where The Incredible Hulk failed…) the Marvel universe on it’s prolific box office tirade.  We meet Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) at his snarkiest, firing off zingers as fast as he fires ballistic demonstrations for the military.  Life is fast-moving and freewheeling, until Stark is kidnapped by terrorists.  Total downer.  Talk aboutContinue reading “Can Tony Stark Make Guns and Love His Neighbor?”


Groot: Firmly Rooted

In Guardians of the Galaxy we meet Groot.  He’s the powerful counterbalance to a surly raccoon named Rocket.  Groot is a giant tree-man, capable of fiercely violent force if it will protective his friends.  As cool as his root combat style is, Groot’s claim to fame is his predictable answer to all inquiries: “I amContinue reading “Groot: Firmly Rooted”

Loving Vincent: Sorrow, Suicide, Sales In That Order

Loving Vincent is artistically brilliant!  Over 100 artists spanning 6 years created the oil painted animation nominated for an Oscar (best animated film in 2018).   The animation provides a vibrant canvas for a terribly bleak narrative of Vincent van Gogh’s life and mysterious death. The Sorrow Vincent’s life began shrouded in heartache when he followedContinue reading “Loving Vincent: Sorrow, Suicide, Sales In That Order”

Kong: Skull Island – Stunning Monster Parade

The Story Kong: Skull Island tells the story of a dyslexic graffiti artist recovering from heroin addiction that falls in love with a barista and must decide between love and art.  Just kidding!  Kong: Skull Island is about a giant monkey smashing just about everything that moves.  No spoilers there; we all know the gist ofContinue reading “Kong: Skull Island – Stunning Monster Parade”

Roman J Israel, Esq.

Denzel Washington stars as Roman J. Israel, Esq. in the self titled film.  Washington wears frumpy outdated suits and rocks an afro as he portrays a legal activist that denies himself to serve others.  The wardrobe is a constant reminder that Roman spends none of his income on trendy clothes.  Israel’s apartment is just as meager,Continue reading “Roman J Israel, Esq.”

Eddie the Eagle, Clumsy but Effective

Young Eddie Edwards dreams of participating in the Olympics but must overcome dodgy knees, a host of detractors, and fear to reach his goal.  Eddie the Eagle shares his inspiring story. The Clumsy Taron Egerton Channels Adam Sandler? The film starts with two younger versions of Eddie before we meet Taron Egerton who carries theContinue reading “Eddie the Eagle, Clumsy but Effective”

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is a music driven heist flick, enlisting the talents of Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx.  A surreal soundtrack provides the backdrop for Baby (Ansel Elgort) the reluctant getaway driver, who hopes to escape criminal capers in favor of clean living.  It’s easy to cheer for Baby, Elgort carriesContinue reading “Baby Driver”