Welcome to The Sullivan Spin!  I’m glad you found my corner of the internet.  What’s this site all about?

In 2018 I started blogging because I wanted to glorify God with creative writing.  The last ten years I’ve seen God make a tectonic shift in my life from striving and legalism to receiving His wonderful grace.

A concept was introduced into my life, one that gave me a brand new lens to see scripture through – law and gospel.  Basically “law” is stuff that you have to do to earn God’s favor and “gospel” is what Jesus has done on your behalf.

Here’s the problem with law, we can’t fulfill it and always come up short.  In His infinite wisdom God knew this and sent His Son (Jesus) to take our place of punishment on the cross.  Jesus conquered the grave three days later and offers eternal life to all who believe this message.

Now, I spend much of my time marveling at the generosity and goodness of God instead of striving for favor that Lord has already given in Christ.  This is peace for stressed out Christians.

Other topics of interest include minimalism, movies, books, and music.  My thoughts also come out in podcast form sometimes.  I invite you to subscribe and hang out with me.

Please make yourself at home and join in the conversation.  God bless you!

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