Burned Out? Let’s Talk.

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of 2020.

I’ve get exciting news…The Sullivan Spin now has a podcast!

New Podcast

2 years ago I started this blog because I wanted share my faith in Jesus Christ through creative writing. The podcast is the next step in that journey.

If you’re feeling burdened and burned out I encourage you to listen. If you’re encouraged by the podcast, subscribe and pass it on to friends. They’re probably just as stressed out as you are.

Introducing Leslie

On the podcast I am joined by my beautiful, lovely, and intelligent wife. Leslie, my bride, is also going to start posting on minimalism and simple living. It’s going to be great! I’ve known her for over ten years and now the rest of the world gets to meet her.

Leslie has always been a part of this blog, you just didn’t know it. It’s just become official that this is a family business. She’s been editing, encouraging, and helping me fine tune my voice. Thank you! I love you!

Follow The Sullivan Spin on Twitter

Life is busy. I get that. But that’s all the more reason to follow The Sullivan Spin on Twitter. I want to encourage you and hear your opinions. I think Twitter is a great platform to foster community. I’ve added a Twitter feed on the right side of my posts so you can see what I’m up to.

Right now I’ve posted a link on Twitter to the first podcast episode and I’ve got a survey question for you. Please vote! The poll closes in a week. I want to hear from you because I care about you.

God bless you!


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