Christians Trust a Triune God. What Does That Mean?

Confused by the Trinity? Crucial Productions talks about how we can think of a Triune God.

Some things scare me: creepy flying rodents (bats), porcelain dolls, and theology I don’t understand. Christians trust in a big, complex God – a triune God. Understanding the Trinity has intimidated and eluded me throughout my biblical studies.

If you run into a bat or porcelain doll, I can’t help you…

However, there is a solution for learning more about the Trinity. . Peter Slayton (My brother-in-law) of Crucial Productions has an awesome podcast that wrestles with complex biblical concepts.

This episode explores the Trinity and has fun doing it. I highly encourage you to set aside 40 minutes and join the conversation.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Christians Trust a Triune God. What Does That Mean?

  1. One time I was hiking with my daughters and we came across this beautiful, massive tree. It wasn’t an oak–I’m not sure what kind of tree it was, but it was huge. It was a combination of three trees–all of them strong and impressive, but the middle tree was the most awesome. These three trees had grown together. They were grafted so that you could see the form of each tree and the trees unique characteristics, but they were one. One tree. I told my daughters–this is what God is: The Holy Spirit and The Son grafted into The Father and flanking Him; The Son, Jesus Christ, on the right.

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