4 Out of 5 Dentists Agree: Inconsistent Blog Posts Are Your Fault

Bloggers should blame their dentist for inconsistent blog posts.

On Tuesday night I went to the dentist after work. I reclined in the leather chair and was surprised to catch myself thinking, “This appointment is really cutting into my writing time. If only life weren’t so busy I could crank out more posts…”

The dental hygienist scraped, flossed, and buffed my pearly whites. I stared into the florescent lights, pondered my plight, rinsed, spit, and thought some more.

It dawned on me…I’m making excuses. I’m in blogger denial.

The Lie of Busy

Yes, life is busy with faith, family, work, and all the other priorities of life…but I’ve also had free time. The dentist appointment took about 45 minutes of my week. If I really wanted to publish a post on Tuesday I could have made time to write by waking up early, staying up late, or skipping lunch at work. I didn’t. Well, I stayed up late, but I was watching movies with my beautiful wife…she’s hard to resist.

The Truth of Choices

It’s time for a reality check. I chose to sleep in. I chose conversations with my friends. I chose movie time with my wife. I chose to consume content instead of create content. Those were all my choices. It’s unfair to blame my dentist, friends, wife or anyone else for posting erratically.

Eradicate Erratic Posts

I enjoy alliteration; thanks for indulging me.

So how do we right the ship and post regularly?

Pace Yourself: Attainable Posting Schedule

Since I’ve started blogging, a hazy goal of being the most prolific blogger of all time taunts me from the back row of my mind. “You didn’t write today!” or “You posted but it was hot garbage” and an assorted variety of mental negativity assaults me. I’ve wrestled with blogging advice to post daily or multiple times a day to reach greatness (whatever that is…) so when I end up posting weekly, I feel like a failure.

As the CEO of your blog you can evict the negative heckler in your head. Set a posting goal you can actually meet. Currently, a high quality post each week is something I can manage, so that’s my goal. Should two posts occur, I’ll feel like an overachiever. If 3 posts occur, I expect the sun to explode and the government will stop collecting taxes.

Schedule Writing Time

In his autobiography, Stephen King talks about teaching days and writing during his prep hour. An accumulation of spare minutes devoted to writing resulted in King’s first published novel – Carrie.

Successful writers maximize spare time even if it’s a little 5 minute window. Your writing time can be in the morning, on breaks, at night – whenever you want. You’re the CEO remember?


Shoot for the stars, dream big, and any other catch phrase that motivates you. Dropkick your guilt and set a posting goal that’s manageable. Wrangle those spare minutes and write, write, write. You can do it.


21 thoughts on “4 Out of 5 Dentists Agree: Inconsistent Blog Posts Are Your Fault

  1. A realistic schedule is important. Though I try to write a couple rough drafts a week to keep my writer juices flowing, I usually only publish once a week. And most of the time, that week seems to whiz by.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I always have my phone handy. Usually I write everything down on my phone even if it’s just one sentence. It’s good when the mood strikes.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Great practice Bebekoh, sometimes one sentence is all I need to recapture a train of thought that I had and finish a post. Other times I wonder, “What was I thinking? That’s not interesting or coherent…” 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks. I got the idea from my Professor when I was in college. He said to always keep a notebook, handy. I can’t always write on my notebook. My phone is more accessible. 😊😊😭

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  2. Thanks for sharing your struggle to be a consistent blogger. I can relate to feeling like I don’t have enough time to do all that I want to do but the truth is as busy as I am I still waste time. It seems inevitable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Thanks Dad! We all get 24 hrs in a day and it’s a matter of prioritizing our schedule. Life will take every minute you have, we have to budget writing time if it’s important to us.


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