The Blogger Recognition Award

The Sullivan Spin is nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award!

Recently T.R. Noble of Inside Cup nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you T.R.! I’m surprised and encouraged by the honor.

Give a brief story of how your blog started blogging.

In the midst of twelve hour days selling, selling, and selling more stuff I realized I was miserable in the retail underworld. The one bright spot…the opportunity to write notes about interactions with clients. My managers, and there were a lot of them, could read my mildly exaggerated tales of success and defeat. Suddenly and totally unexpectedly I had a following of eager middle-management readers, “That last note was hysterical! I can’t wait to see the next one…” The spark ignited a powder keg buried deep in the caverns of my mind – I love writing! The ability to wield words, to make people feel whatever whimsical notion my mind cooked up … that’s influence. I could use this ability for good, for God!

The Sullivan Spin was born December 2018 and as crazy as it sounds, I’ve dreamed of turning it over to my kids some day so they can continue posting holograms or whatever they want in 2047.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

1) Blog From Passion

This one piece of advice will solve a plethora of problems:

  • It’s easier to write on topics near and dear to your heart. If you try to write for search trends or popular topics, but don’t care one iota about the trend, writing will transform into mild torture. Let’s say armadillo farming in submarines becomes very trendy and “in”. If you really think armadillos are vile little creatures and you hate being near the ocean this will be unadulterated drudgery should you pursue writing posts in the vein simply to acquire an audience. Don’t do it.
  • Closely related is the fact that passion will keep you posting. Life is busy and if you tie yourself to material you hate, the end is near.

2) Blog Boss – That’s You!

  • Maybe you’re a wildly successful CEO and make your own rules at work, but for the rest of us, blogging is our chance to be in charge. As boss of your blog, don’t make yourself do stuff you hate. Write what you like, fling it at the wall, and see if it sticks.
  • Strategy is important but it can paralyze you if you let it. As boss of your blog, look at your stats and see if there is any discernible trend that boosts views for your posts. You may or may not find a successful path, but keep moving forward with the knowledge you have and don’t be afraid to try anything and everything to promote posts.
  • As boss of your blog, demand posts that provide quality, thoughtful, and original material. I’d call this the magic sauce of blogging, but it’s simply hard work and time.

My Blogger Recognition Nominations

  • Crucial Productions
    • Peter is my brother-in-law and he’s a tremendously talented writer/editor/podcaster/youtuber.
  • Worldview Everlasting
    • My brother-in-law Peter no longer edits videos or works with this site, but he put tons of hours into building it’s library of videos and helped amass over 11,000 followers. It’s full of great content.
  • Wells Baum
    • Wildly fascinating stuff about creativity and living.
  • The Thinking Hound
    • Originally The Sullivan Spin included a sports section. I was unsure of the legal issues surrounding sports photos and reached out to Basset (the writer) and Basset replied with a thorough and incredibly kind email. I was a total stranger and Basset gave me help and encouragement. Thank you!
  • Laced Up Lutheran
    • Lives up to the tag line: ” Theology that is Approachable, Enjoyable, and Relevant
  • Retrospective Lily
    • Great blend of faith, testimony, and classic literature. Lily posts great topics and adds great comments regularly on The Sullivan Spin. Thank you!
  • Pencil Me In
    • Pastor Mike is my Dad. He hasn’t been faithfully posting, and I’d like you all to chastise him daily. Leave comments on his posts and demand more. Maybe he’ll listen to you…;)
  • John Eli
    • Simply put, he’s a super positive and kind writer.
  • Tom Dale
    • He’s very sassy and I suggest that everybody harass him. He’s working on a book. Relentlessly press him for a release date.
  • The Cruciform Sword
    • Really great, in-depth posts about faith, but posting has gone stagnant. Maybe some follows and comments will wake it up?
  • Penn N Paper
    • Evan is a friend and comic. I’ve recently recorded a podcast with him and the episode should be released in the near future. Until then check out his other podcasts. I’ll let you know when my first ever podcast appearance is released.
  • Andy Wrasman
    • Great theology material abounds, you simply have to spend some time checking it all out.
  • Geek Devotions
    • They have fun with comics and connect it to the Gospel.
  • Inside Cup
    • T.R. is so passionate about encouraging and fostering Christian community through blogging…it’s working. T.R. provides posts that really lead to great discussion about Christian living.
  • The Life Project
    • Don just plows through the Bible and it’s great.

There are tons of other great bloggers that I read and follow! Thank you for all that you do and sharing the Gospel with a lost world. The internet is a pulpit!


7 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination, Sullivan! I really enjoyed reading the backstory. I bet your humor added a little fun to the job for those managers! Also, great blogging advice. So true that passion will propel you.

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