It’s Time to Adjust Your Blog

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In December of 2018 I paid 96 bucks to buy my domain name with a WordPress account and started The Sullivan Spin. When I started I simply wanted to create accountability that would encourage me to write regularly. What better option than a blog?

I did my research in preparation for the launch of my blog. Repeatedly sources said, “Do not write about everything. Find a niche and focus on it.”

My mind’s response to that advice…

I did not take heed. I’m a well-rounded individual. Don’t fence me in. I like lots of things! I can write about them all. Or so I thought…

Three Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Write About Everything

It Won’t Happen: A Story of Zero Passion and Limited Time

I started out as an eager beaver, ready to chomp down a forest of topics. Nothing is off limits for The Sullivan Spin! That sounds hardcore but the truth is I underestimated the reality of time constraints. I’m a husband and father with a full-time job. My available writing time is limited, I never write about things that aren’t my passion.

It’s tempting to include topics that are interesting and helpful to you personally, but if you don’t have the passion or expertise to contribute to the topic let sleeping dogs sleep, lie, or lay there.

Minimalism (only possessing essential items) is a great example of this for me. I grew up in a hoarding family, one that could actually be on a TV show because the mess is so severe. Concepts from the minimalism movement have really, really helped me improve the quality of my life.

I was positive minimalism could be worked into a Christian worldview and find a place at my blog. So far I’ve only managed to re-blog two other articles in 13 months. No real passion there.

I still haven’t deleted the minimalism category because I think it could be a nice component of The Sullivan Spin and it would help me process the changes I’ve made toward minimalism. Can you tell I’m conflicted?

Help me out, cast your vote: If I get ten comments before March ends requesting posts about minimalism the category survives. If not…DELETED. Let your voice be heard!

Vastly Different Topics Confuse Your Audience

I knew my blog had a problem when I posted about lessons deer teach us in the scripture and followed it up with a post about the NBA Finals. I determined that most of my readers were interested in spiritual things and that’s because most of my writing incorporated Biblical perspective. When I threw in a post about the NBA Finals or the upcoming NFL draft it hit the ground like a lead balloon. Sports have been deleted. I started a new blog called Apathetic Sport Report, but it’s like taking out a loan from the mafia to pay your house mortgage – you’re living on borrowed time. It goes back to my first point, there only so many minutes of writing time and I’ve discovered I don’t gravitate to sports topics.

There you have it, advice that I’m still not able to follow myself. Let me know your thoughts? What advice have you spurned only to find out it was good advice? Did you notice any changes to The Sullivan Spin that I didn’t mention?


33 thoughts on “It’s Time to Adjust Your Blog

      1. I would not go back one day of the past. Those Grands who are near help but I don’t know my other two grands well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  1. I really appreciated this post, especially the tip about narrowing your focus. My
    Blog is all over the place. Oh well, it is what it is for now.

    I would t mind seeing a post on minimalism…..

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    1. Don’t be too hard on your blog Tricia, I can’t take my own advice. I wish I had the ability to focus on a topic and run a blog as focused as Brooklyn Bullfrog Fanatics, or something totally niche like that, but I’m still all over the map.

      Alright! One vote for minimalism.

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  2. Iโ€™m a new blogger and I totally ignored the niche advice, too. Iโ€™m not really sure what my blog is about, I got lost along the way and just started writing my thoughts. I take your post as a sign to re-evaluateโ€”blogging has been hard to keep up with because Iโ€™m niche-less.

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    1. That is the beauty of blogging – you are the CEO and you can do what you want. No one is stopping me or your from hacking the menu to 2 or 3 items, instead of 17. I had to learn the hard way, but it was helpful.

      Go for it be fearless! Make changes and see what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. It’s very true writing about everything won’t help your audience know what to trust. I don’t what to pressure a topic that hasn’t been touched on in over a year. I’ve seen people attach a Christian approach to minimalism, but it also fits their niche of homemaking a lot of time and how God teaches them through the home and family. I think it’s certainly possible for you to write, if God leads you there, especially if you have a testimony in the household you grew up in and what God taught you through minimalism. But no pressure!

    My rule is, if you do not have at least 10-15 posts, do not make a category for it.

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    1. My approach to minimalism would be more scriptural than homemaking. There is so much variance in style or preference, but loving things more than God, or finding comfort in things instead of God should be exposed. For me that’s the greatest value in minimalism.

      Thanks for the insight T.R.!

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      1. I totally agree that there is so much instruction in Scripture to support minimalism. Where our treasure is, there our hearts will be!

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  4. I would vote for you to share on minimalism. I personally like variety over predictability yet I’m not assuming that because one narrows their writing category it would be predictable. When I’m writing I want to write whatever is on my mind but I’m not sure that makes what I write readable. I like your writing style and so whatever you write about is interesting to me.

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  5. No, I’ve been preoccupied with plowing white stuff into piles. I struggle with what to post more than what to write. I have a number of things I’ve written but I’m not sure they’re ‘post worthy’. Lately, I just haven’t found enough time to decide what to post.

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    1. For clarity sake, you are speaking of snow ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It’s post worthy if you are passionate about it. Post everything and let the internet decide. Readers will give you feedback.


  6. I’d be interested in your minimalism post, especially because of the personal backstory you alluded to. My mom is also the type to fill the house with piles upon piles of junk, and clutter is now stressful to me. Theoretically, I write about lots of topics, but you are right that time is finite, and I also gravitate to the subjects that actually mean the most to me. I tend to Write what I know and/or what I love. I know Christianity and love God, so I have more Christian posts than anything. Life with a disability is also something I know all too well. I love my classic books, but I’ve limited those posts bc they aren’t that popular.

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    1. Good to hear from you Lily! I think I will end up writing some minimalism posts and see how they do.

      It is fascinating to track the stats, sorry to hear the literature posts aren’t as popular as others. I find that any post tagged “blogging” or “writing” do really well here, even though they aren’t my most passionate subject.

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  7. A funny post indeed. I do as well wander off into the abyss at times but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. My about me says I’m a gamer, Christian, dad, etc. But I’m also into astrophysics and a ton of other things. So, every once in awhile I may write to my amazement rather my knowledge.

    I do, however, read different things because life is amazing in general. I read up on news, stocks, business, games, Christian blogs (my personal favorite which involves a lot, and I mean a lot) so the wide array is probably natural.

    But, it’s probably wise, to professionalize in one topic, haha.

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    1. Even NBA basketball as a subject can be overwhelming, it can even work to follow a single team. I like the NFL, but more and more I’m seeing that I don’t want to follow all 32 teams. Thanks for reading!

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