Utah 4th Grader Asked to Remove Ashes

4th grader from Utah ordered to wash off ashes

Who knew Ash Wednesday could cause so much trouble? A boy from Utah found out firsthand when his teacher ordered him to wash the ashes off his forehead in front of the class.

To be fair, we’ve all had a teacher that was ornery. They woke up, sprinkled rusty nails on their cereal and spent the day harassing kids while laughing like a mad scientist. Well, maybe not that extreme, but it felt that way as a kid.

I wonder if this event would have happened if the teacher was a Christian? I don’t think so…there is an element of chance involved in these persecution stories. Thankfully the school got it right in the end and allowed a local Deacon to administer ashes to the boy again.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

8 thoughts on “Utah 4th Grader Asked to Remove Ashes

  1. This is a tridition where I live. I don’t think we would do that even if we don’t do the same. The teacher needed to be educated. Many don’t understand.:))

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    1. The public school promotes “inclusivity” and “anti-bullying” but if you are a Christian we need to put you in your place. I doubt that a Muslim girl would have been asked to remove her hijab (head covering).

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      1. I agree. Can’t spell either. lol But that is what makes us different from others and always will. Hard to do in the flesh but easy to do thru the Holy Spirit. I dislike my carnal side with a passion.:))

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  2. Freedom of religion is one of the many things we get to enjoy in our country and I believe this was a direct violation of that. To show a child that they are unable to love their God in this way, and cannot express themselves is sad and wrong.

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