What is Lent?

A woman receives the sign of the cross in ashes on Ash Wednesday

I grew up in the Assemblies of God and never adhered to the traditional Church calendar. We’d just do whatever the Spirit led us to do and call it a day. That approach can have it’s benefits, but I have come to enjoy the rich routine supplied in the Church calendar.

The Church calendar provides direction for Believers to follow throughout the year. It focuses our awareness on the various phases of Christ’s ministry. During Lent Christians are encouraged to meditate on our Savior’s path toward the cross.

Check out this article for a great explanation of Lent…

Dr. Gregory J. Wismar (2008, February). Keeping a Holy Lent. Reporter

4 thoughts on “What is Lent?

  1. My friend , you are aware that Lent is a tradition and not in the Word. We need to remember where our Grace to Salvation comes from, daily. We Have the Holy Spirit in our spiritual heart and any sacrefice made by us is vain. He paid it all and said on the cross “It is finished”. :))

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    1. “It is finished!” These words bring great comfort. I’m saved by faith in the finished work of Jesus. I totally agree.
      The tradition of Lent simply affords me time to mediate on the greatness of my God. My sincere devotion could never save me, salvation only comes from the Savior. 🙂

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