Writing Circles Provide the Fuel Writers Need for Launch

There wasn’t any tasty punch. I thought there might be, but there wasn’t.

It’s o.k. though, I met some nice people at my local writer’s circle who share a common desire to put the pen to paper and tell a great story. Desire was our main commonality. Our ages weren’t the same. Being in my thirties I was the youngest member of the ‘Magnificent 7’ (we haven’t officially named ourselves yet) and the oldest was probably in her 70’s. There were 5 women and 2 guys (myself included). The genres represented varied wildly from a children’s book, to a sci-fi adventure with half-demon aliens, a late show comedy bit, and a guy who blogged about faith by talking about movies mostly. The differences were many, but we all sought the same writing fuel – encouragement.

That’s right. Writer’s require encouragement like NASA rockets headed to the moon. A kind word is all it takes to be released from the confining cage of fear. One person saying, “Go for it…what’s the worst that could happen?” ignites the engines of creativity.

That’s what I found at the writer’s circle. A bunch of humans who know the value of a friendly kick in the backside. That being said a writers circle could be helpful for you if you are seeking a friendly bit of support to meet your writing goals.

You can do it!

A writers circle can launch you to your goals.

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