Shia Lebeouf Has Blogging Advice for the Upcoming Year


Everyone loves your stories and people frequently tell you how creative you are.  You’ve considered blogging but don’t know where to start.  Well, that’s exactly how I felt a year ago and the best advice is to simply jump in.  You can learn to swim as you go.  You will learn tricks of the trade along the way that make you regret some of the decisions you made at the start, but building the momentum of a new writing habit outweighs the consequence of remaining stuck in fear at the starting line.  JUST DO IT!

Research can be helpful, but “thinking and planning” is a stall tactic that I hid behind far too long.  Pick your writing platform and go for it.  You can always change things later.  Don’t fool yourself – thinking isn’t the same as acting.

Keep Writing

Starting a blog feels great, but that’s all it is…a start.  It takes consistent, quality posts to build momentum and acquire a readership.  That means you write and post, write and post, and find a manageable schedule that fits your life.  You’ll learn to be creative whether you feel inspired or not.  That’s one of the signs that you are maturing – creation on demand.

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