The Writer of Doug Says You’re Invisible

In an effort to expand my writing knowledge and cultivate my craft, I gathered some books about screenplays from my local library.  Was an exciting career waiting for me in screenplays?  NOPE!  Let me tell you why…

According to Joe Aaron, writer on Doug and of The Low-Budget Screenplay: How to Write a Produce-able Script, you are invisible until you make a movie.  That’s right, you are nonexistent to the Hollywood bigwigs until you make a film.  Why is that?

The Process

To have your screenplay read by decision makers in Hollywood you need an agent.  To acquire an agent, you need a film credit on your resume.  It helps if that film is actually good.  To make a film, you have to write a screenplay and shoot it yourself.

Now you can see why screenplays are best left to the passionate filmmakers.  Saving up 15,000 dollars by living a life of self-denial and cajoling every talented connection into making the film with you is a herculean task.  Once you complete your film, you promote it and parade it around.  Then you start the process all over again and make another film.

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The Takeaway

It’s better to make something, preferably high-quality, than to dream and scheme.  If you are a writer, go for it!  Start a blog and post quality content.  You can use it as a portfolio for your writing abilities as you seek freelance jobs or full-time positions.  A blog to hang your hat on is better than rocking back and forth, waiting for the talent scout to show up at your door and say, “Hey kid!  You look like a writer, come with me.”  Then he pulls out a flute and you follow behind him as he plays, dancing and clapping.  At least, this is what I dreamed of before I started my blog.  It never happened.  Start building traction!  Dedicate yourself to the process of building your abilities and your profile.  Make waves.  Get noticed.

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