Guide My Steps Lord


The Lord is faithful.  When we don’t know where to go and what course of action to take God does.

20 thoughts on “Guide My Steps Lord

      1. Praise God. Life is full: work, family, write (in that order) – but that’s the life God is leading me into and I love it. I’m sure you’re grieving the loss of family, are you o.k.?


      2. It’s been a weird year I never thought I would have 2 funerals of loved ones who are with Jesus in the same year and that God used me both times to share The Gospel both times were all Him not me He gets all the Glory! And Bible Prophecy just keeps moving we are getting closer to the Pre Trib Rapture taking place!

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      3. My wife’s uncle recently passed away and it was a shock to all of us. It’s always tough and you’re never ready, but you are right – believer will be reunited in Christ. I pray God continues to use you powerfully. God bless you.


      4. I’m sorry for your loss. Isn’t it true it’s shocking to us but not God. God bless you too. How do you answer Peoples questions about the Rapture with all the views there are?


      5. Thank you. You’re right, God is never surprised, but rules sovereign over all.

        I’m “Pan-Trib” = It’ll all pan out. Terrible Bible joke, but it captures my concern about events that God will unroll in His perfect timing. Rapture is an interesting topic, but not my forte.


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