Should Christians See A Quiet Place?

After 5 weeks of box office success, A Quiet Place has earned 160.1 million dollars!  There’s a reason this suspense-drama stole headlines from the summer superhero blockbusters.  A Quiet Place is sneaky good.  If you haven’t already seen A Quiet Place, here are 5 reasons you should.

It Depicts a Strong Family

Promotes Loving Marriage

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married in real life and the connection translates to the screen.  Their relationship is the foundation for the family’s fight to survive in a hostile environment.  It’s great to see a tender, sacrificial, and loving example of marriage in a Hollywood film.

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A Quiet Place depicts a world where silence is safety.  Crying babies and noisy children are not quiet.  Nevertheless, this family fights for the right of every life, even if it means risking their own.  That’s what family is about.  Unlike today’s world where any defect, inconvenience, or vain self-interest is reason enough to end the life of a pre-born child.

A Family That Works Together

The eldest daughter has a hearing impairment so the whole family learns sign language.  There are plenty of chores to go around and everybody chips in.  The family works together as one to overcome all obstacles.  Sure, things are tough, but life together is worth the effort.

It’s Simply Great

Oscar Worthy Performances

Fans of The Office are familiar with the priceless expressions Krasinski shot at the camera for comedic effect.  A Quiet Place shows off Krasinski’s depth and range in a drama setting.  It probably won’t happen but an Oscar nomination for Krasinski would not be ludicrous.

Emily Blunt carries gritty determination and motherly sweetness in equal parts.  It’s just as believable watching Blunt tenderly kiss her children as it is seeing her pump a shot gun preparing for war.


A Quiet Place is a legitimate drama that grabs your heart and doesn’t let go.  Yes, it’s filled with tension, but it’s only suspenseful because you love this family so doggone much!  If you’ve withheld your support because you didn’t want to see a gruesome monster movie, let me assure you that A Quiet Place is not that.  There is gore, but the story telling is on center stage, backed by great performances.  If you have any concerns about content visit my friends at Kids In Mind.


Hollywood only listens to dollars.  When a great story promotes strong family values Christians should pony up.  If it’s not too late, go see it in the cheap theaters or buy it when it gets released early this summer.

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