Cars 3

The gang is back for Cars 3, a heartwarming drive down memory lane.  Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is on top of the world, joking with competitors and enjoying the thrill of racing.  Everything changes when a new generation of racers, led by Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) arrives.  To keep up with the new generation McQueen signs a new contract with Sterling (Nathan Fillion) and is trained by Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) using simulators and meditation.   McQueen isn’t satisfied with the new techniques and strikes a deal with Sterling to return to old training methods.

McQueen and Cruz leave the simulators behind and take to the road seeking the competitive edge that Lightning has lost.  This journey is humorous and heartbreaking at times.  After receiving some pointed criticism from McQueen, Ramirez opens up about her path to personal training, that doubt, fear and family pressure kept her seated on the racing sideline.  McQueen replies by saying that he never thought about it and just raced.  A great lesson in chasing your dreams, don’t overthink it!  Just go for it.


Cars 3 provides the humor and warmth of it’s predecessors.  A worthy nominee for family movie night.  The main message of pursuing your dreams through adversity is a great one for young ears to hear and it provides a side message of learning to help others achieve their dreams too.  It’s also commendable that McQueen seeks out the wisdom of his elders and legends before his time.  Today people are looking for the ‘hot new thing’, but neglect to mine the wisdom of veterans who’ve gone before us.



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