Superbowl LII

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1st Half

Nick Foles Delivers

Nick Foles steals the spotlight from Tom Brady and the Patriots by helping the Eagles secure their first Superbowl win.  Foles played like the pro bowl selection from 2013, throwing for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns.  If that wasn’t enough, Foles caught a touchdown pass of his own on a bold goal line call by head coach Doug Pederson.

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Nick’s favorite target in the 1st half was the lanky Alshon Jeffery.  Time after time Foles tossed it up and trusted Jeffries to come up with spectacular catches – and it worked.

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Eagles Offensive Line Creates Running Lanes

When the Eagles weren’t dropping bombs to Alshon, they were pounding the rock with Blount and Ajayi.  Let’s give the offensive line some credit, they kept pressure off Foles when passing and opened up big holes to run through.

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This success not only helped the Eagles offense control the ball, but kept the Philadelphia defense on the sideline sippin’ Gatorade.  The well rested Eagles defense kept Brady and the Patriots offense in check until a bobbled pass was intercepted by New England and turned into points on the ensuing Patriots drive.


Missed Kicks

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Both teams missed scoring opportunities in the kicking game.  The Patriots missed a field goal attempt, ricocheting it off the left upright.  Gostkowski also missed an extra point attempt, but he was not alone.  Eagles kicker Jake Elliot also missed an extra point, which led the Eagles to go for two on their next touchdown score.  The 2 point conversion was unsuccessful and late in the 4th quarter it looked like this would cost the Eagles the game when the Patriots were up 33-32.  At halftime the Eagles are leading 22-12 over the Patriots.

2nd Half

Patriots Force Feed Gronk the Ball

Like any good action movie, we know the villain is never dead.  Tom Brady and the Patriots are about to make a run and it starts with force feeding Gronk the football.

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Gronkowski finished the night with 9 receptions, 116 yards, and 2 touchdowns, but would not catch the final pass, a hail mary at the end of the game that would have given the Patriots a chance to send it to overtime with a 2 point conversion.

More Catch Controversy

Zach Ertz would provide the go ahead score for the Eagles on a fantastic catch and stretch for the end zone.  The ball appeared to hit the ground during the dive and bounce up in the air, only to be caught again by Ertz.

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In the end it was ruled a touchdown, but the NFL needs to clearly define a catch so fans can all understand what a catch is and isn’t.

Tom Brady’s Comeback Stripped Away

The Eagles went ahead with the Ertz touchdown, but can’t breathe easy yet, Tom Brady still has over 2  minutes to drive down and score.  Before Tom can perform any last second heroics the Eagles defense forces a fumble with the first sack of the game.

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The Eagles eat up some clock with runs but give the Patriots one last chance to tie things up.  The hail mary lands harmlessly on the ground and Eagles nation can now celebrate!

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Philedelphia Eagles are Superbowl Champions

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