Kettlebell Workout. Keep Going. (Week 2)

unsplash-logoVladislav Muslakov

Weigh In

Whew!  We did it, we completed week 1’s regimented kettlebell and cardio routine.  It’s time to weigh in.  At the start of week 1 I tipped the scales at 294.8 pounds and body fat at 36.8%, now I’ve dropped to 292.2 pounds and 36.2% body fat.  Losing 2.6 pounds is right on track for the my weekly weight loss goals.  Sweet success!  Enjoy the the mini victory and prepare to replicate another week of hard work.

Stick With the Plan

If you’ve had success in your first week, put your pedal on the gas and keep it going!  We want to establish momentum and create a habit.  Even if you are really sore, get out of bed and keep moving, simplify movements, and use lower weights (or only body weight if necessary)  – it’s going to pay dividends.

Kettlebell Workout

Repeat the pattern of a challenging kettlebell work out, like HasFit’s on day one of your week:


Cardio Focused Workout

And on day 2 you’re really going to thank yourself if you get up and do cardio to break up the soreness with something like Fitness Blender’s 37 minute cardio workout:

Follow this recipe two more times in your week and be sure to mix in a day of rest.  Find a routine you like whether it is on Youtube or in a book.  If you live in a warm climate enjoy the great outdoors for your cardio day and do whatever you fancy (running, jump roping, swimming, etc…), as long as it gets a sweat going.

The theme of this week is KEEP GOING, which will lead to continued results.  Yes, your body will revolt (soreness), but everyday will get a little easier until maybe you get back to enjoying your workouts.  Get after it!


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