The Philadelphia Pounding

If last week was the Minneapolis Miracle, this week was the Philadelphia Pounding.  Any signs of life shown by the Vikings on their opening touchdown drive were completely snuffed out by the Eagles defensive dominance for the remainder of the game.

Momentum shifted away from the Vikings when a Case Keenum pass was picked off by Patrick Robinson and taken 50 yards to the endzone making the score 7-7.  The next score would come from Eagles running back Blount, who trucked Vikings safety Sendejo, willing the Eagles to a lead that would not be relinquished.

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The Vikings were driving towards a game tying score when Derek Barnett forced a fumble into the arms of underdog mastermind Chris Long.  The Eagles offense apparently didn’t get the memo that the Vikings defense was good – stacking up 31 points of their own to bury the Minneapolis Miracle for good.

What Happened?

Defensive line play

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Eagles d-line was beast:  It won’t show up in the stats but Chris Longs pressure on Keenum forced an errant throw leading to the pick six.  Then, when the Vikes thought it was about to be knotted up at 14, Barnett did his best Lawrence Taylor impression, stripping Keenum of the football and any hope of a comeback.  Barnett might as well ripped out the Viking’s heart and yelled ‘KALI MA’!

Vikings: Outside of Hunter’s sack, the Vikings defense was unable to create discomfort for Nick Foles, who tossed 3 touchdowns.

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Foles vs. Keenum

The former teammates and friends had very different nights.  Keenum was harassed and never established a rhythm throwing two picks, while Foles was cool as a cucumber producing 3 touchdowns and zero turnovers.

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End of the Minneapolis Miracle

The Vikings will head back to Minneapolis just in time to see the Eagles ride into town for a battle with New England.  In two weeks the Superbowl madness will be roaring as Vikings fans and players muffle sobbing into their pillows, crying themselves to sleep.




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