Kettlebell workouts (Week 1)

We’ve realized it’s time for a change and assessed ourselves, now we get to work out.  I’m going to start with a focus on kettlebell workouts, mixing cardio in between to break up the lactic acid.  Kettlebell workouts can be done from the convenience of home and it’s relatively inexpensive to buy a kettlebell.

Is a kettlebell workout right for you?

  • Experienced Lifter:  Kettlebell workouts are not for first time gym patrons.  Proper technique is essential, otherwise you will end up injured and back on the fast track to weight gain.  If you haven’t trained much in your lifetime I would start with body weight movements or connect with that friend who has been begging you to workout with them.  Your request to hit the gym will send them into euphoria.
  • Self motivated:  If you need the encouragement of a friend or trainer, a kettlebell workout in your living room probably won’t yield great results.  This plan is lone wolf style.

I can check both boxes: with 9 years of competitive high school and college football combined, I’ve been trained concerning proper lifting technique, and seeing my skyrocketed weight is enough motivation for me.

Get your kettlebell

The main consideration in this purchase is your strength level.  If you select a weight too heavy then you will be discouraged and/or hurt because you won’t be able to control the weight.  I’m speaking from experience because I bought a 50 pound kettlebell thinking I could handle it, but I found I was in no condition to rep that weight.  Consequently, it has mostly sat in a dark corner of my home collecting dust.

I love the A2Zcare 30 pounder!  It offers a super comfortable handle and the rubber coating gives just a touch of protection when you set it on the ground.  If you think you want to go lighter there are lots of great options:


Day 1: Kettlebell workout

In case you’ve been in a bunker, it’s the internet age and that means great workout content abounds!  Youtube is full of well done workout videos that only require an internet connection.  Fitness Blender offers an excellent kettlebell workout for newbies:

If you’ve been out of your workout routine, this will definitely give you a run for your money.  When you’re sucking wind remember:

  • Keep good form:  When you are gasping for breath, form is sacrificed, leading to injuries…then no more working out.
  • Scale back:  You can take a breather or modify the movement so it’s easier – most of the time that means reducing weight or simplifying the movement.

Day 2: Cardio

You might not be incredibly sore, but it’s coming.  Today a mild ache, tomorrow a thigh paralyzing tightness sinks in.  To avoid this fate we use cardio.  Here’s a great cardio workout from HASfit you can do in your living room:

Now repeat this formula two more times in your week – kettlebell workout, then cardio session.  For your other sessions check out other workout videos for variety and have fun!  Be sure to take a rest day in your week to avoid burn out.


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