Pre-workout assessment (Week 0)

We’ve realized we’re out of shape and we are ready to work out.  Where do we start?  Let’s assess our current condition:

Body Weight/Body Fat

I start with measuring body weight and body fat.  I use a basic scale, but it gives me an idea of body composition.  I simply want to track the progress during my weight loss campaign.  For about 30 bucks you can get a great scale that connects to your smart phone.

This scale is under $30 and is a nice tool to have on your weight loss journey:

I avoided the scale during my phase of denial and was shocked to see my weight soar to an all-time high…294.8 pounds.  My body fat registered at 36.8%.  Ouch!  In my division two football glory I was a slim 286, I wasn’t expecting to be on 300’s doorstep.

Now that I know my current numbers I can create my weight loss target; 50 pounds is a nice round number, which in my case would lead to about 245 pounds.  The CDC recommends losing 1-2 pounds per week, with this in mind, a 50 pound goal will take 25 weeks.  I like to make a calendar with my starting weight and week by week check-ins listing the goal weight (-2 pounds every week).   If this is too daunting a task, break it into “Phase 1” and so on until desired goals are achieved.  In my instance, I started working out January 9th and could shoot for 16 pounds lost by March 9th.

Body Weight Movements

Another good way to measure progress is testing an assortment of timed body weight movements.

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Dips

Give yourself 60 seconds or until you fatigue (can’t complete another repetition) and see what you can crank out.  After two months, or whatever time marker suits your fancy, check your progress – just don’t get too antsy and check your progress two days later.  Give yourself time!  You didn’t blubberfy overnight and it will take time to unearth the new you.

Run a mile

As a large man at 6’3” and nearly 300 pounds, this is not my favorite past time.  Running.  Don’t care for it much, but it offers one more category for the documentation of our great tune up.  Since I dislike running and it is -9 degrees out with whipping icy winds, I just imagine a miserable 11:43 run with a terrible side ache and dry heaving – which crescendos into real vomiting that freezes before contact with the permafrost beneath me.  It’ll be pretty nifty when I can run a 7 minute mile and say “Wow, what a lardbucket I was back yonder!  Victory is mine!”

We’ve faced reality and assessed our condition.  Now begins the journey to our weight loss goal.  Mount up.

*I’m not a doctor and haven’t ever played one on TV.  I’ve lost every game of Operation I’ve ever played.  Before any change to your diet or physical activity you should consult a real doctor in a lab coat with sloppy, illegible signatures.


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